Guided Whole Body Detox and Fasting program


Being a colon hydrotherapist, I have the honor of seeing that the human body is designed to be healthy and to live long when in homeostasis. It is my belief that humans can live well into their 90’s with fully functioning bodies.

I find that we have to work for health and that we will have to make it a priority. When people seek colon hydrotherapy and fasting consultations, they have the distinct opportunity to be able to see that cleansing the body has the promise of adding years onto their lives.

Of course, it isn’t a scientific study that we are conducting, but when clients see black “ropes” come out of their colon during the course of a fast, they can’t help but realize that having all of that goop in their bodies must be an important factor in ageing. I find that being part of an individual’s perception that he or she has just done something that will increase lifespan is quite moving.

Fasting is Easy

People don’t have to suffer in order to enjoy the benefits of fasting. They only have to sacrifice our hurried lifestyles, wasteful activities, and thoughtlessness. Many confuse fasting with starvation and exhaustion. This is not the case.

Hunger often disappears after a day or two. What impresses me over and over again when I fast is how cleansing my body help change my life, sparks new energies, and ignites old passions. I have also seen this in some of my clients who have been courageous enough to join me on a 14 and 21 day fast. I want this for everyone that I am blessed to work with!

People feel more powerful, more in charge of themselves. A toxic body leaves us feeling drained and not in control of our lives. Internal cleansing is about a lifestyle, and an attitude of living and caring for ourselves that increases our energies.

So what do you say? You want to embark on this guided detox and fasting program? Book a Consult!

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