* Professional Naturopathic Practioner

* I-ACT Certified Professional Colon Hydrotherapy Instructor

* NBCHT Credentialed Colon Hydrotherapist

* A licensed massage therapist & health educator from National Holistic Institute in Emeryville

* Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Golden Gate University

* Graduate with a bachelor’s degree from University of California Berkeley.


Living Things Need Conscious Attention!

My main goal through my work is to raise consciousness in the world through creating healthier happier people, one client at a time. We are living in a tough and busy society with high demands which in turn creates stress and anxiety. We need healthy bodies and an amazing microbiome to withstand illness, diseases and viruses that come our way. A healthy gut also ensures you are getting enough serotonin, a hormone to help create happy juice to our brain that helps to create a happier you through simply being more healthy, mindful and educated.” Says Hamri

Through all my studies, certified programs and general advance courses, and practices, I have built integrative knowledge on the importance of nurturing the body, and building strong immune systems focusing on gut health. The microbiome is so complex and affects your overall health and it’s believed that the state of your gut health represents your overall health in your body.

Living Things Need Conscious Attention:Without conscious attention, living things will wither. We are no exception. When we are conscious, we are able to make choices that are healthy, supportive and create vibrance. If we are simply surviving our day, then we will tend to choose unconsciously, reaching for the things that require the least effort. Being unconscious means sabotaging our health one day at a time.

To become a conscious body means listening to your symptoms and understanding their meaning. It means making different choices today than you made yesterday. With this in mind and my personal experience, it became clear that I needed to help others navigate the exhausting maze of chronic symptoms using the resources, education and passion I have for healing. I have been committed to ongoing learning, welcoming new research, and implementing new practices that makes a difference and have dedicated myself to ongoing study in the advancing disciplines of natural and alternative medicine.

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What Client Say About Us

I had a great experience! Hamri has such a warm and welcoming spirit, I feel blessed to have found her. I’ll definitely be returning and making these services a part of my self care.

Tamara H

Hamri is very nice and personable. Very professional. Made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. Educated me on a lot of things as well.

LaShanda R

The experience with Hamri was smooth from start to finish. She was very knowledgeable and gentle. I did a closed system colonic and it was very different from the open system but Hamri took her time and explaining to me the process and discussed healthy eating options! Easy to book, find and reasonable price!

C. U

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